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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Let’s sit down and go over where you are at now, what you have been doing, what your needs are, what I offer, and see if there is a way that our services can help you with your marketing. No Cost-No Obligation!
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Christopher A Lorence PR & Marketing Services

We specialize in working with small to medium size businesses who need some help (or a lot of help) with their marketing. “I take pride in telling my clients I am not an advertising agency or a consultant. I tell them to think of me as a part-time, part-time member of their team, which can help get things done that they just don’t have the time, the in-house expertise, or a big budget to do so. I work with most of my clients just a few hours a week or a month. Those dedicated hours, backed my my experienced and talented team, can make all the difference in getting the word out and increasing awareness about what they offer without the overhead and expense of hiring personnel, or the cost of a large advertising agency…but with results!”

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Do you have a Plan? A Plan that brings results in a cost-effective manner…        

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Social media in marketing is a must! Are you just posting on Facebook or Advertising…?      

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Every Business Needs a Website that is user and mobile friendly, with SEO…          

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1 billion videos are viewed online daily, with ½ on phones. Need we say more…      

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Evaluate traditional methods like TV, radio, and newsprint vs. web and social media…          

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Print/Graphics/Logo/Branding services is a basis for any marketing effort…                  



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