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Evaluate traditional methods like TV, radio, and newsprint vs. web and social media…          


Traditional and Online: The world of advertising is rapidly changing. Traditional methods such as TV, radio, and newsprint are still valid in many cases. We create and develop affordable, one of a kind commercials and promotions, customized just for your business. In many cases, especially small to medium size businesses who have limited budgets, traditional methods are giving way or supplemented by more digital formats on the web and social media. Facebook Boosts, Ads on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, YouTube and more are not only more budget friendly in many cases, but also can be more directly targeted to potential customers who are already looking for your services or product.

Before you advertise, we strongly encourage some form of plan or strategy to review target audiences, geographic regions, goals, objectives, and then determine the best sources to utilize. We specialize in this process, including following through with media buys and campaigns.

We also don’t rely on the local television and radio companies for their production, as they tend to be more cookie cutter, and not custom or original enough for our clients. We can offer copywriting, development, and production services to produce the finest and unique pieces you require in a very timely and affordable fashion.

Advertising methods we commonly utilize:

  • Online/Digital (Social Media Boosts and Ad Campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify and more.).
  • Google AdWords.
  • Digital Banner Ads on Websites.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Traditional Advertising Methods (TV, Radio, Newsprint).
  • Billboards.
  • Plus, Many Other Methods.