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Every Business Needs a Website that is user and mobile friendly, with SEO…          


Simple Rule: Every Business Needs a Website! What form or shape that website takes is up for discussion? Evaluation of what you want your website to accomplish is one of the most important first steps you can take. Is it strictly informational, or will you be selling from it? We work with our clients to build affordable, user-friendly websites, which you can update yourselves, and most importantly are mobile friendly. Our websites are constructed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind as well as Web Accessibility Initiatives for people with disabilities.

There are many sources (some good and some not so good) to get your website built, but the key thing when you are either looking to build a new website, or reviewing your existing website “Is it is easy for people to find your website and find out what you are about, or selling?” For many it is your storefront.

We Specialize in WordPress websites which power most small business websites across the country. The open-source platform allows for building custom, SEO-ready marketing sites that are beautiful, secure and easy to update. We also work with GoDaddy, Wix and other platforms.

In addition to stating the obvious that we build websites that accomplish all of this we concentrate on the following:

  • Google Relevance.
  • Optimization (Keywords, language, photos, videos etc.).
  • Platform/Mobile Friendly.
  • Load Time/Maximize Page Speed.
  • Site Map/Flow Chart.
  • Content Development.
  • Secure Sites (SSL).
  • E-Commerce.
  • Form Development.
  • Links to Other Pages/Media.
  • Staff Training/User Friendly Sites.
  • Disability Accessible.